WP 6: Case studies

Will the methodologies developed at our desks work also in the real world? Will we be able to apply them to specific grid development projects?


Providing the data and information to WP2-5
Testing hypothesis from the R&D WPs to real cases
Implementing methodologies derived in WP4 and WP5

WP6Methodologies to be used in the case studies are developed, thus ensuring that all the cases are studied using the same methods and that relevant and robust conclusions can be drawn. This task builds on results of the previous work packages, following the notion that different actors perceive the world differently depending on their belief system. Hence, the methodology identifies actor-specific views, values, and beliefs, with the aim of finding out why certain actors act the way they do. These answers are sought regarding very project-specific issues, but we also seek answers concerning the actors’ perceptions on the energy transformation in general and even about overarching political and ideological views, in particular related to energy but also very high-level issues like how society should be organized (e.g. top-down centralized policy vs. bottom-up decentralized citizen rule).

Indications on how effectively involve stakeholders and practical directions on structuring the participation process will be applied and tested. In this frame, the assessment and communication methodologies will be implemented. The integrated environmental assessment for the proposed grid infrastructure will be supported by the use of LCA. A fair, simple and complete access to the relevant information will be guaranteed by a suitable webGIS for each case study. Finally, the set of indicators, developed in WP4, will be quantified in each case study and the comparison among them will be carried out through application of MCDM, giving the level of satisfactions on the objectives (i.e. the needs and the wants) of the different stakeholders. Results of the application of methodologies in the case studies will be collected and compared to each other in order to highlight similarities and differences. Support will be provided to WP7 in order to test and validate the guidelines.

WP Leader: Lafragette A. (RTE)



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