WP 4: Methodologies for the assessment and comparison of grid infrastructures

We should account for and compare not only what is occurring here and now but also in the future and elsewhere around the globe


Improvement of the existing methodologies to estimate and to represent the effects (impact and benefits) of transmission projects in Europe using a a multi-criteria and multi-stakeholder framework.
Improvement of the entire decision-making process making it transparent and repeatable and establishing the conditions for a proactive participation in the process of the stakeholders.

WP4A review of methodologies will be carried out for evaluating impacts and for comparing options of grid infrastructures, identifying the main strengths and weakness of the existing methodologies. This work will be carried out by means of an analysis of published and grey literature, and an assessment of best practices in the field of energy planning, taking into account also the experiences analyzed in WP3. Both long-term and temporary impacts will be considered. Long-term impacts (such as land use restrictions and aesthetic impacts) can exist as long as the line is in place. Temporary impacts (such as noise and crop damage) occur during construction or at infrequent intervals such as during line repair or maintenance. The potential uncertainty of the modeling for some impacts will have to be explicit, and we’ll consider the reliability of the estimation methods. The landscape impact or the effect of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on human health are an example of such highly subjective or uncertainty indicators. Life Cycle Assessment will be used for the assessment of environmental impacts of grid infrastructures; impact indicators will be calculated regarding environmental issues like global warming, primary energy consumption, abiotic resources depletion, ionizing radiation, impact on the ecosystem and human health. The set of indicators shall be as exhaustive as possible and not redundant.

WP Leader: Luè A. (POLIEDRA)



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