Project Structure


Starting from the Theoretical Framework, the project is structured in workpackages, related to the different factors that influence public acceptance or opposition to proposed new grid infrastructures. The project WP structure is outlined in the next figure.


 Work Package No. Work package title  WP Organisation in Charge WP Leader
 1  Project management  RSE  Maran S.
 2  Stakeholders’ concerns and needs  IZES  Hildebrand J.
 3  State of art and critical review  ETH Zurich  Patt A.
 4  Methodologies for infrastructure assessment and comparison  POLIEDRA  Luè A.
 5  Processes for public engagement  PIK  Battaglini A.
 6  Case studies  RTE  Lafragette A.
 7  Synthesis and recommendations  ETH Zurich  Patt A.
 8  Dissemination  RSE  Maran S.


This structure takes into account the factors affecting public acceptance, namely differences among stakeholders concerns, differences among infrastructures types (e.g. large-scale corridors, local paths, technologies …) and differences in regulatory contexts.

  • WP 1: Project Management
  • WP 2: Stakeholders Concerns and needs
  • WP 3: State of the art and critical review
  • WP 4: Methodologies for the assessment and comparison of grid infrastructures
  • WP 5: Processes for public engagement
  • WP 6: Case studies
  • WP 7: Synthesis and recommendations
  • WP 8: Dissemination

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