RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) SpA belongs to GSE Group (“Gestore Servizi Energetici” SpA), a public company entirely owned by the Italian Government. The RSE Spa mission is to perform public interest R&D programs, to address the national energy, environmental and economic goals, with an open view to the EU research initiatives. RSE is mainly financed through the public fund “Research for the National Electric System”, on the basis of three-year Implementing Agreements with the Ministry of the Economic Development (MiSE). RSE is recognised in Europe as a Non-profit Research Organisation with a wide and very successful role in integrating the national research programmes with the EU directives and plans, currently cooperating in more than 50 international research projects. RSE is moreover actively involved in supporting the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of implementing the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), with an active role in the Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) on Smart Grids as well as in the European Industrial Initiatives on Electricity Grids (EEGI) and Wind Energy (EEWI).

RSE’s role in INSPIRE-Grid: project coordinator; WP leader in WP1 and WP8; also involved in WP 4, 5 and 6.

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  • Stefano Maran - Project Coordinator and WP 8 Leader
  • Antonio Negri - Past Project Coordinator
  • Giuseppe Stella
  • Fabrizio Garrone
  • Silvia Beretta

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