ETH ZÜRICH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, is one of the world’s leading scientific and technical universities, with unparalleled physical facilities and administrative support. Among its sixteen departments, the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS) is the university’s largest, with 28 faculty chairs in the natural and social sciences, providing an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to teaching and research on environmental issues in Europe and the world. The INSPIRE-Grid project will be based in the faculty chair for Human-Environment Systems (HES), within D-USYS. The HES group is dedicated to research and teaching on the interaction between social, technological, and natural systems, in the context of efforts to solve major societal problems, such as climate change and the desire for energy security. The group has extensive experience in issues of European energy policy on the one hand, and processes for stakeholder engagement on the other. Along with four other faculty chairs, the HES group is a member of the Institute for Environmental Decisions, dedicated to understanding processes and outcomes of decisions in the area of environmental policy. The HES group is also home to the Transdisciplinary Laboratory (TDlab), which for over a decade has worked throughout Europe to establish formal linkages between key stakeholders in the private, government, and civil society sectors, and researchers in D-USYS. This experience will play a critical role in enhancing the stakeholder dialogue process for the INSPIRE-Grid project.

ETH ZURICH’s role in INSPIRE-Grid: Lead partner for WPs 3 & 7, involvement in 5 & 8.

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  • Anthony Patt - WP 3-7 Leader
  • Anna Scolobig
  • Leonhard Spaeth

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