Scientific Papers

Corvino Fausto, Giuseppe Pellegrini-Masini, Alberto Pirni, Stefano Maran, 2021, Compensation for energy infrastructures: can a capability approach be more equitable?, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. (in press)

Maran Stefano and Giuseppe Stella. 2020, A participatory Web GIS for stakeholders’ engagement in the development of the electricity grid, Proceedings of The 14th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics (IMSCI 2020), September 13 – 16, 2020

Pellegrini‐Masini, Giuseppe, Alberto Pirni, Stefano Maran, and Christian A. Klöckner. 2020, Delivering a Timely and Just Energy Transition: Which Policy Research Priorities?, Environmental Policy and Governance

Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe, Alberto Pirni, and Stefano Maran. 2020, Energy Justice Revisited: A Critical Review on the Philosophical and Political Origins of Equality’, Energy Research & Social Science 59 (January): 101310

Maran Stefano, Jan Hildebrand, Leonhard Späth, Alessandro Luè, and Andrzej Ceglarz. 2018, Stakeholder Participation in the Development of the Electricity Grid: The INSPIRE-Grid Project. CIGRE Session 2018, Parigi.

L. Späth, E. Amodeo, A. Luè, S. Muratori, A. Scolobig & A. Patt, 2017, Stakeholder engagement and multi-criteria decision aiding in the electricity transmission grid reinforcement: evidence from a role-playing game, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

A. Ceglarz, A. Beneking, S. Ellenbeck, A. Battaglini, 2017, Understanding the role of trust in power line development projects: Evidence from two case studies in Norway, Energy Policy, vol 110, pages 570-580, 2017

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P. Schmidt, J. Lilliestam, 2015, Reducing or fostering public opposition? A critical reflection on the neutrality of pan-European cost-benefit analysis in electricity transmission planning, Energy Research & Social Science, vol 10, 2015

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