WP 8: Dissemination

Information is made of data, arguments, hard facts. Communication is something more, it should inspire the perception that our work is relevant to people


Dissemination of results within the project as well as towards the scientific community, stakeholders, decision makers and policy makers.
Production of readily accessible information for the general public

WP8The primary objective is to disseminate the results of the project, focusing on different target groups and providing to each one the appropriate informative material through the most appropriate medium. Target groups of the dissemination activities include:
• Policy makers (e.g. European Parliament, European Commission, national governments)
• Key stakeholders (e.g. ENTSO-E, TSOs, NGOs, ACER, public and local administrations)
• General public
• Scientific community
• Other stakeholders, e.g. professional and technical-scientific associations (CIGRE, IAIA, EURA), Task Forces quoted in paragraphs 1.1.1 (the UNECE task force on SEA applied to energy issues and the Aarhus Convention task force on public participation in energy and environmental matters)

WP Leader: Maran S. (RSE)



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