WP 7: Synthesis and recommendations

In order to be useful indeed, our recommendations must be effective not only for one project but for most projects and this requires validation


Validating the application of the theoretical guidelines in context of the three case studies
Generalization of the theoretical guidelines

WP7The analysis of historical case studies (WP3) in this project will have led to the development of theory-driven guidelines for best practices of communication and engagement with stakeholders, representing a prescriptive model. Models need to be validated using data that differ from those data that went into the model’s original development. In this case, we will develop a locally specific plan for stakeholder communication and engagement. We will simulate the application of the local plan and find out whether it is one that satisfies their concerns about two way communication processes and involvement in analysis, assessment, and ultimately grid project design.
The first step will be the development of locally specific communication and participation plans. We will take as starting point the results generated by the others WPs in order to develop a general frame/strategy for communication and participation plans and guidelines specific to grid development projects. The plan will set out a hypothetical schedule for stakeholder involvement. This will specify the overall timeline for the engagement process, including the schedule of meetings, briefings, and other events, including lists of participants, goals, and objectives for each.
The second task will be devoted to the validation of the guidelines. This will take the form of workshop in each of the case study locations. The format of the workshops will be one of a role playing game, increasingly recognized as a reliable method of exploring stakeholder reactions to hypothetical choice problems. In each workshop, participants will play their real-life roles. At the end of each event in the process, the participants will fill out a short survey, indicating their beliefs and emotional reactions to the other participants. At the conclusion of the game, they will fill out a final survey indicating their overall level of support for the proposed infrastructure project. A final session will take the form of a focus group discussion, in which stakeholders can discuss their impressions of the process, and whether they believe that it would have contributed to a constructive dialogue and to the enhancement of stakeholder support.

WP Leader: Patt A. (ETHZ)



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